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In the early 1990’s, technology, specifically computer technology advancement, started invading our communities in the Arab World. Back then, 3.5 Floppy Disks were used in order to save data. Two formats of 3.5 Floppy Disks were available. The first could hold up to 720 KB, while the second up to 1440 KB. The latter costs double the price. In 1992, and due to hard financial situation at the time, Mr. Issam Maarouf, the establisher of CITS, tried to transform the floppies of 720KB to 1440 KB. His attempts were successful and storing data that required the use of 1440KB could be done on what originally was purchased as 720KB. However, Mr. Maarouf was not satisfied. For more than 4 years, he conducted further research regarding data storage on hard drive until he reached the secrets beyond storage technologies.

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  • Free Data Recovery Evaluation
  • Fast, Secure Data Recovery
  • Full Client Data Confidentiality

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CITS is a national leader in Data Recovery service offering the highest quality and the most cost-effective solutions. CITS focuses on hard disks (IDE, SCSI, RAID, LAPTOP, NAS, SAN) and storage media (digital camera, flash, micro drive) data recovery. CITS is distinguished in its up-to-date technology, laboratories and expertise.


We were born since 1990. When the Floppy Disk was the most used storage container. we built a great experience day by day and year by year.
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CITS, is a an international leader in Data Recovery services for storage media (IDE, SCSI, RAID, LAPTOP, NAS, SAN, digital cards), offering the highest quality and the most cost-effective solutions.


CITS perform complex data recovery, from mechanical failure to damage from power surges, flood, smoke or fire, in addition to Head Assembly and platters transplanting.


CITS Data Recovery provide :
Free Data Recovery Evaluation, Fast and Secure Data Recovery and of course Full Client Data Confidentiality Guaranteed

Our statistics so far

  • 1115 Repaired NAS,SAN
  • 3077 Repaired RAID Array
  • 7210 Recovered SD Card
  • 3657 Replaced SSD
  • 8134 Repaired HDD

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