CITS is a pioneering company in the flash & SSD recovery field:


  • For both SLC (Single Level Cell) and MLC (Multi Level Cell)
  • For all SSD manufacturers like: Samsung, Toshiba, SanDisk, Seagate, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Micron and Kingston
  • With any operating system including:Windows, Macintosh Mac OSX, Linux, Unix, Novell, SCO, IBM and HP, Solaris and even from non-standard OS.

CITS offers a free evaluation of your drive. Online Quotation.

Causes of Flash & SSD Failure
  • Electronic Failure
  • A drop or other physical damage
  • Firmware Failure, some or all modules operating the drive fail
  • Virus or Operating System errors
  • Format or Overwriting of the data
  • Spilling water or fluid onto your computer
  • Disconnecting a Flash media from a PC during copying
  • Power outage or overvoltage
Drive Failure Warning Signs
  • Flash/SSD are not detected by reader/computer
  • Flash/SSD are detected but show 0 capacity
  • Flash/SSD are sometimes detected but other times not
  • Flash/SSD are detected with the correct size but you cannot access the files stored on them
  • Flash becomes very hot once plugged in
  • Reading/writing on compact flash/SSD is very slow
Warnings and Recommendations
  • Don’t defragment solid-state drives.
  • Try to minimize writing to the drive as much as possible
  • A computer technician is not a data recovery specialist.
  • If your data is critical, do not try anything other than usual procedures. Keeping the drive running may increase the failure and affect your data, this might increase the recovery cost.
  • Your business relies on your data; do not hand your drive to a non-expert. Data retrieval is not a trial and error process. In fact, it needs expert engineers with special Clean Rooms and high tech tools.
  • Consult real experts in Data Recovery by phone or mail.
SSD and Flash Disk Recovery Procedure
  • Send the drive to CITS Labs or apply online. Online Quote
  • The drive situation is evaluated, a quotation is sent to you with the price and the duration of the process
  • Once you approve the quotation, CITS engineers start the recovery process.
  • Once finished, you will be sent Screen Shots of your data or the list of files and folders.
  • You are allowed to test your data remotely via TeamViewer
  • You are supposed to send a data drive to copy the recovered data to it
  • You pay and pick up your data, or it will be shipped to your location.
SSD and Flash Disk Recovery Pricing
  • The best way to get a recovery pricing is always a quick phone call to 009613414341
  • Every data loss issue is different, it should be estimated separately
  • No hidden costs, all costs will be made known before starting the recovery process.
  • We offer free diagnosis and evaluation
  • No data no charge
  • Payment is done after the client checks his/her recovered data.
Data Loss Prevention Tips
  • Disks will fail eventually. Every electronic device fails at some point of time. The best method is to keep making backup copies of the data.
  • Handle disks with care. This applies to all types of electronic devices. Keep them out of reach of children and away from heat and humidity.
  • Using Power Options in Windows operating system shut down the drive if you leave the computer for a while.
  • Keep your eyes on the flash’s temperature.
  • Check your SSD’s health using windows related commands like WMIC.
  • Install a good and an original version of an anti-virus program like McAfee
  • Leave some free space on your drive; use 70 % at maximum of it
  • When using external USB, use Eject utility or its equivalents
  • Educate yourself about using computer devices properly
Why Choose Us?
  • Necessary Labs, tools, clean Rooms and industry leading data recovery facilities
  • Free professional consultations and fast services
  • Highly qualified, experienced, and focused team
  • Complete confidentiality assurance
  • Immediate inspection and analysis with free evaluation and diagnosis
  • About 91 % success rate, more than 15 years of experience in recovering data from various storage media.
  • Hundreds of references from various business fields. CITS clients.
  • CITS has Worldwide 24/7 Emergency Customer support services ( 009613414341 )

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