RAID & NAS Recovery

CITS is a leading company in Raid & NAS recovery services (check our Clients) . CITS recovers data from various Raid and Network Attached Storage (NAS) Servers including:

  • Raid 0, Raid1, Raid 5, Raid 6, Raid 10, Raid 50, Raid 60, and spanned volumes.
  • Hardware NAS from INTEL, IBM, Seagate, HP, Western Digital, Iomiga, Synology , FreeNAS Mini, QNAP , EonNAS, iSCSI, Netgear, Buffalo, DLink, LaCi, Buffalo, TRENDnet, Shuttle Omni, QNAP, Asustor, Thecus, and TerraMaster.
  • Vitual Servers like VMFS (Virtual Machine File System) from VMware vSphere, ESX Servers, ESXi, SANs, Citrix Virtual , Sun Ray, Oracle VM.

CITS services cover Lebanon, Saudi Arabia (KSA), Jordan, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt and all Arab Countries. Our friendly emergency support technicians are available 24/7 to help you. All you have to do is to call CITS hot-line 009613414341 and you will be immediately served.

Causes of Raid & NAS Failure
  • Physical failures failure of multiple RAID member disks
  • Firmware Problems during replacement of one of the failed disks or Firmware update.
  • Raid controller or NAS enclosure Failure.
  • Power surge causing physical or logical corruption
  • Raid rebuilding error or volume reconstruction problem resulting in wrong or partial rebuild.
  • Technical unintended errors during setting up the server.
  • Corruption of Virtual Machine structure (VMDK and VMS)
  • Changing the disks’ order in the Raid Array
  • Accidental deletion of data, or reformat of NAS volume or Virus attack
Warnings & Recommendations
  • Do not panic, turn off the infected hardware device, and do not attempt to repair it!
  • A computer Technician is not a raid recovery specialist. Your business relies on your data; do not hand your Server to a non-expert. Moreover, data retrieval is not a trial and error process. In fact, it needs professional engineers with special Clean Rooms and high technical tools.
  • Do not change the order of the drives in the array. Label all drives in a sequential order, take a photo of the drives with their respective labels, and keep it in safe place.
  • Do not replace any drive in the array with new one.
  • Prepare screenshots of the NAS Management Utility showing the array configurations and the drives’ serial numbers.
  • The first response of the IT Manager specifies the recovery success rate and the recovery price. If you attempt to fix any drive, the success rate as well as the price will be affected.
  • Never ever try to retrieve your files using a software or some tips.
Raid & NAS Recovery Procedure
  • You send all the details pertaining to your Raid or NAS to CITS.
  • CITS Engineers will contact you for further information.
  • CITS customers care department will send you a detailed quotation which includes the price and duration.
  • Once you approve the quotation, you are requested to send the disk drives only (not the whole server)
  • CITS Engineers start the recovery process.
  • Once your data is recovered, we send you screenshots of the recovered folders and files along with a file listing containing the names of the recovered files with the complete folders path.
  • You can access your data remotely via TeamViewer.
  • We ask you to send a data drive to copy the recovered data to it.
  • You pay and pick up your data.
Recovery Pricing
  • The best way to get an accurate recovery pricing is a quick phone call to 009613414341.
  • Every data loss case is different; it should be evaluated differently.
  • The fees depend on the array’s physical or logical problem and on the type of failure.
  • There are absolutely no hidden costs; all costs will be made known before starting.
  • We offer free diagnosis and evaluation; no data no charge.
  • Payment is done after the process ends and the client tests his/her data.
Why Choose Us?
CITS has:

  • advanced labs, tools, Class 100 Clean Room and Cutting Edge data recovery facilities.
  • free professional consultations
  • fast services; it usually takes between 24 and 48 hours to get your data back.
  • highly qualified, experienced, and committed team that can handle any damaged raid.
  • complete confidentiality and respects customers’ privacy
  • immediate inspection and analysis with free evaluation and diagnosis.
  • about 100% success rate and more than 15 years of experience in recovering data from various storage media.
  • recovered data for companies from various business fields (CITS Clients).
  • 24/7 friendly emergency customer support services (009613414341).
  • a belief that honesty and transparency are the basis of dealing with customers.
  • a special department dedicated to VMware, Citrix, MS Hyper-V, and Sun Virtual complex data recovery.

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