Fill the below quote for a free diagnosis of your drive. By filling this quote, we will immediately study your case and give you all necessary details pertaining to your case, like recovery cost and number of days required. We will inform you if we need the physical drive to complete the analysis.

What is the complete model of the drive and Site Code for Seagate, firmware for Seagate MLC for Hitachi, the complete Model for Western Digital like: WD500AAKS-00FT80?
What is the drive manufacturer, i.e. Seagate, Western Digital?
What is the used Operating system, like Windows, Mac…?
How many partitions does it contain, Like C: D..?
When you power on the drive does it spin, or, spin then stops, or continue spinning up?
Is the data encrypted, if so, what was the Encryption type, software, utility.....?
When you connect the damaged drive to the PC or Laptop, is it identified by the Operating system?
When powered on, does it produce clicking sound?
Is it opened or processed by some companies or technicians before you reached us?
Please describe exactly what happened with your drive?
When did the problem happen (approximate date (preferred), week or month?)
What are the important Folder names (or files) and where are they located, i.e. in C: desktop folder My Work.